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Olaf will melt when Elsa dies.





Um, I hate to be that person but…imagine Anna singing Do You Want To Build A Snowman at Elsa’s grave. 

first of all how dare you

i’m so done right now

i’d like to apologies before hand for this.









i am very sorry.

Anna didn’t know what to do.

In her time on earth, death had always come swiftly and suddenly. It may start slow at first, you may feel safe and confident that you will be all right… but then it comes like a great wave upon an unsuspecting ship or a body freezing all at once upon a frozen fjord. Kristoff was still with here, though he was taking one final harvesting trip in the mountains. After all this time, he had finally agreed that he was too old to continue the trade. Their son was with him with his new reindeer. Sven had died in his sleep in the castle stables only five years prior. Kai had died from a heart attack a long time ago. The Bishop who had baptized them had died. Even Hans, whose end had come from a sword slicing clean through his neck at the behest of his own father, had died quickly. Death had come quickly for all of them.

But then there was Elsa.

The sisters had both known that she was deteriorating… whether from the pressure of ruling Arendelle or the strain of using her powers no one could say for sure. But they knew that time was catching up with her. She no longer smiled as often as she used to, or laughed at Anna’s jokes. There was no sparkle in her eyes, nor glow about her aged blonde hair. Soon, the ice that decorated the outside of the palace began to melt; there was no more ice staking in the courtyard before the open gates.

Anna had refused to cry then. She had refused to think that for one moment her strong and regal sister was beginning to leave her once more. She dedicated her days to seeing her, feeding her, reading to her, helping her, and trying to make her happy even for the smallest moment. Elsa had held her hand, had smiled, and had laughed as though she had never grown old. As though she was the fresh and young twenty-one year old who had yet to lead Arendelle to the heights of its wealth and power.

And yet…

Anna felt something wrong with today.

She had been pacing, trying to put a finger on what was bothering her. Elsa had been fine today, great actually, she had even managed to make a snowball which she had lightheartedly tossed Anna’s way. Soon she would go read to her, they had yet to finish one of her favorite books. Anna had never really understood what she was reading, but Elsa seemed to smile all the same. So, what was wrong with today?

Anna brushed it aside, looking at the face of the clock sitting on the mantle of the fireplace. The windows were open so that the cool summer breezes could ventilate the old castle. The day had been a perfect summer day, the boats were coming and going at the docks, the city was echoing with the sounds of the market, of children at play, and of horses, dogs, and just… people. Elsa’s people: happy and alive. Anna smiled at this, then turned and walked down the hall toward Elsa’s room. From here, she could see that the door was cracked and that the lights were off. Elsa must be asleep, probably exhausted from summoning that darn snowball that had struck Anna’s face with all the coldness of that eternal winter all those years ago. As she reached for the handle of the door, she now meant to simply check on her sister, to let her sleep and finish the story tomorrow. As she pushed the door wider, she slowly poked her head in through the door way.

And saw Olaf.

The snowman was now a cairn of slush, rocks, twigs, and a carrot nose. The puddle was staining the carpet and was spreading as a never ending sea in all directions.


Anna stopped dead, not wanting to acknowledge the weak and feeble voice that had whispered from the bed where her sister lay. She found herself transfixed in the doorway, staring at the cold puddle upon the floor. She didn’t dare look up. She already knew the answer, already knew the destination, and the ending. 

Anna, please…

Tears fell before she even knew she was crying, a choking sob had escaped her throat before she knew she had let it. And then she was by her sister, clutching her hand, stroking her cheek, and reciting prayers that she didn’t know she had remembered.

I’m so sorry, Anna. So… so sorry.

"No, Elsa please…"

" Elsa opens her lips, but all that comes out is hot air.

" What? I don’t understand…" Elsa’s eyes were upon hers, her face wore a small smile. Her chest drew in one final breath.

I love you.”

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